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The Bentleyville Public Library continues to be a jewel of our Bentworth community offering more than 200 programs each year.

How Your Gift Helps

Our annual operating budget is approximately $140,000 which covers books, programs, supplies, building maintenance, utilities, insurance and salaries.

Less than 40% of the needed revenue comes from government sources (state, county, and local). The remaining revenue must be realized from building rental fees, fundraising activities and donations.

The largest source of donations to the library is the Annual Fund Drive.

This drive gives individuals, businesses, churches, charitable groups, and social clubs an opportunity to support the work of our library. The library would not be able to operate without this support from people like you.

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Memorial Book Program

You may also help through the library's memorial book program, individuals can honor a deceased family member or friend. The name of the honored individual will be affixed inside the front cover of the book.

Make a Check Donation

At this time we can only accept check donations. Please drop off your check during regular office hours or mail the check to us. If you have any questions, please call 724-239-5122.

  • Make your check payable to Bentleyville Public Library
  • Drop off or mail to: 931 Main St., Bentleyville, PA 15314